1-hour flat rate treatment at 100$

First Consultation/Follow-up (1h)

TCM Diagnosis + Acupuncture treatment
May be combined with other treatment methods.

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We offer the most exceptional acupuncture experience in Milton. In just one hour, our highly skilled therapist will provide you with a thorough and detailed diagnosis of your health condition, pinpointing the root cause of your health problems, and presenting you with an accurate and effective treatment plan, which will be expertly administered during your session. You can expect to feel an immediate boost of energy, as well as a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation.

At OTCM Acupuncture, we use a range of treatments in conjunction with acupuncture, such as cupping, gua sha, electroacupuncture, auricular acupuncture, moxibustion, and poultices. However, we tailor our treatments according to each patient’s constitution.

Rest assured, we offer the most appropriate combination of treatments for each individual, or a single treatment, with a flat rate of $100/hour.

The treatment may include one or more following items (Click on the title to read more):

Using needles to restore balance and promote healing by awakening certain points to help energy flow.

A small electric current is applied to the inserted acupuncture needles to reinforce the needling sensation.

A Chinese therapy that uses suction cups on the skin to improve blood circulation and eliminate waste.

Scrapes the skin along the body’s meridians using a spoon-shaped tool. This improves circulation.

Stimulates points on the ear based on the belief that the ear is a microsystem of the body.

Assesses the patient’s pulse strength, rhythm, and quality at the wrist to understand their health better.

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